Mike Potvin Guitars

Folks after I wrote about the Montreal Guitar Show a few weeks ago, I promised myself to provide short features on some of the makers I met.  The most enthralling person I met was by far Mike Potvin.  Mike had been making guitars for several years and took up what started as a hobby and turned it into a nice obsession.  I mean Mike is more obsessed to quality than the other luthiers.  He stood out for me.


Let’s talk about his setup and his work.  Mike had some beautiful semi-acoustic telecaster types on display.  I took a Ranchero Grande Thinline in my hands and it felt made to measure.  I showed a little grin and Mike was looking for this reaction.  I looked at him and asked him how he knew my hands.  He silently produced three or four unfinished necks and handed them over to me.  He insisted that I take it out to the back sound room and plug it into an amp and try.  Unfortunately, there was less than an hour until the show closed and I had to catch a glimpse of at least everything.


“Which one do you like best?”, he asked like a kid beating an adult at chess?


I mean this guy is really interesting.  Take time and visit his site at potvinguitars.com.  He has some standard models but my favourite is the Mercury GT, which to me strikes me as very “zz toppish”.


The other really cool thing is that his fan page has almost up to the minute coverage of two or three new guitars always in the works.  Fans get to vote on colors of dials, finishing colors, and all kinds of other stuff.


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